Friday, December 14, 2012

January Class - highlighting Stampendous

Earlier in the week I blogged about the changes coming to my card class at Scrapbook Barn with the New Year.  As promised I'm revealing the images that will be featured the first three months of the year.

The first company we'll be highlighting is Stampendous.  With a wide range of styles and images plus stamps that are wood mounted, cling mount or clear there's a stamp style and material for everyone.  Stampendous also has a variety of other products, including embossing powders, in their catalog.  These catalogs will be available in the store and during class for you to look thru and place any special orders.  Orders will be compiled and submitted once the manufacturer minimum has been reached.  Prepayment is necessary to place any special orders.

This is a Jumbo Cling set.  The Jumbo Cling Sets have been some of my favorite to color and include in class this past year.  And this one is sure to get a lot of stamping!  I've got so many ideas for this!
This image excited me for all the color possibilities it has - the bird, the flowers, the nest.  But after I got to looking at it, there's plenty of inspiration beyond just coloring.  Texture possibilities and product possibilities.  It'll be hard to confine myself to just 3 ways to use this one.

 I've said before I'm not into frogs.  That also applies to toads.  But for some reason these two (separate stamps but I'll be using them together) spoke to me.  I'm not sure if it's the old fashioned Beatrix Potter style of them or the "Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog" that started playing in my head when I saw them but I knew I wanted to play with them and see what they could do.

 Masculine cards are ALWAYS the hardest to create.  This set seemed like it offered plenty of opportunities to create in multiple styles.  I'm anxious to get my hands on it and try out some of the ideas I've got for it!

Don't forget the class naming contest I've got going on.  This new class concept deserves a new name that encompasses all it's about - 4 images, 3 months, 1 company, multiple techniques.  If I choose your name suggestion you will receive either a free class or 5 card kits from my basket, your choice.  I'll leave the contest open until Dec 26 and will announce the new name by Dec 28.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Projects & a little contest....

Here are the projects for class this weekend.  And an update about the card class going forward at Scrapbook Barn.  I'm excited about it and hope you will be too.

First December's projects.

I've had this adorable little trailer from Impression Obsession for a little while and have just been waiting for the right inspiration to strike.
Summer Camper
When I saw this quote on Pinterest I knew I'd found it
Here's the result.  I've left the inside blank but will be including a copy of the inspiration piece with the coloring directions so you have the quote if you'd like.

You can find the other three projects on the Class Projects tab complete with all the colors used for them.

And now, the biggest news.  I'm changing up this card class at Scrapbook Barn.  Rather than featuring 4 different images each month and only coloring them, as of January 2013 I will feature the same four images for 3 months.  This will allow the time and creativity to play with each image a little more thoroughly.  We'll color them for one of the classes and the other two will feature the same images but crafted using different techniques, products or methods.

It's my hope that by focusing on fewer images and using them multiple ways we can get more from our supplies.  And because we'll be highlighting one company for a 3 month period you'll be able to place special orders from the catalogs.  They'll be available in class and in the store for you to look thru anytime.  Manufacture minimums will need to be reached before orders will be submitted.

I've already chosen the first images.  They're from Stampendous.  I'll have them posted Friday for you to look at.  With the changes to the class it seems like a new name is needed.  Send me your suggestions and if I chose your class name you'll win either a free class or choose 5 cards from my card kit basket, whichever you prefer.  So remember - 4 images, 3 months, 1 company, coloring and other methods will be used.  Can't wait to hear your suggestions.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November Class Projects

I have to say I'm really delighted with these cards. I know. I know.  I ALWAYS say that.  But it's always true!!

The Patchwork Santa, shared by Jackie Smith, has been mounted on his card base home.  Because this image was so detailed and took so long to color I really wanted to make sure the focus stayed completely on the image.  Here's the finished look
I've added the other 3 projects to the Class Projects tab.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Hip to be Square!!

I was asked to participate in a "Hip to be Square" blog event hosted by Lisa Swift, Remember The Good Times.  I was so delighted by this because it gave me just the push I needed to create a layout using my "handmade/stitched" paper.  All the details of my "handmade/stitched" paper can be found here.

Here's the layout.  I'll share some details about it after the photos.
Because my background paper was so busy I wanted to make sure my photo was large enough to not be overwhelmed.  I also tried to keep the embellishments to a minimum so the focus stayed with the photo.  This is a favorite of mine from the Friday night, casual get together we had.  Julie, on the left, Kelly, on the right, and I were like the three musketeers in high school.  Constantly at each other's house, wearing each other's clothes and just generally having a good time together.  This picture reminds me of that.
I created a tag to put my journaling on.  I hadn't quite decided what I wanted to say yet so it's still blank.  The tag slides in behind the photo to the backside of the layout.  This is for several reasons: 1) I didn't decide I wanted to add a tag until after I'd already adhered the photo down and 2) it was the only place or way left to add a tag after I'd adhered the photo.

Here's how I did it:  - lick and close my envelope
- measured the width of the envelope on the front of the layout and used a craft knife to cut a slit just a little bit larger
- trim off a portion of the envelope so it was as long as I wanted
- adhere the envelope on back of layout so the open end lines up with the slit in the layout
- to make sure there was additional strength as well as to make sure there wouldn't be any issues when taking out & inserting my tag I also added some scotch tape near the slit and on the sides.
- I also made my tag out of chipboard for extra sturdiness

If you'd like to see more "handmade/stitched paper" check out my blog post on Oct 16.

Supplies: Crate Paper 6x6 Paper Heart Collection pad, Core'dinations cardstock, Making Memories rub ons, Heidi Grace designs/Fiskars paper flower W/ brad, 7 Gypsies chipboard letters, Spellbinders dies for labels, washi tape unknown, Ranger TH Distress Ink

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Handmade Paper

After creating my own paper in July it took me awhile to finally make some more.  Paste Eaters was a perfect chance to play.  I went crazy with patterns and colors and my scraps.  I ended up creating 8 more papers!  I can't decide which one I like best!  What do you think??
 I can't decide if I like this one better horizontally or vertical!
 Fun color combo - could be perfect for a Kaytey layout.
 The gingham square wasn't necessary but I liked how it looked.  I also stitched around the butterfly top panel with silver thread.
 Rich colors with dots & stripes.  What's not to love?!
 I'll have to find a fall photo to use on this.  It just screams fall to me.
 More stripes and dots but in a different configuration.
 Pink & red.  Maybe a layout with me & Kaytey since these are our favorite colors.
This one was the most time consuming as each piece was needed to create the full 12x12.  I enjoyed playing with the blue, green, orange with a little bit of yellow color palett.

Monday, October 8, 2012


I found 3 different cornucopia images to see about coloring for the November coloring class but after coloring each of them, I'm not sure which one to use.  So I figured I'd post them here and see what kind of feedback I get.  So here you go.
There are still a few spots I need to touch up or add color to and none of them are grounded.  I was just trying to get a feel for how time consuming each image would be.  The Patchwork Santa is going to take a good bit of time so I want to make sure the remaining images are a little simpler.

And please ignore the poor little tea pot in the center.  I didn't have a mask and was to lazy to cut one out and so I ruined it when I airbrushed around it.  That image and the drinks will be featured in December.

So what do you think? Image 1 in the upper left corner, image 2 in the upper right corner or image 3 in the lower left corner?

Where do you go??

I'm looking for new places to visit.  Online at least.  Since I've reduced the number of classes I teach each month I hope to be able to participate in challenges and get inspiration from new places.

So if you've got a favorite site for creative inspiration or great challenge sites please post a comment and let me know where to go.  In a nice way of course.  ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

More But Less. If you know what I mean.

I've been thinking that perhaps more but smaller posts might solve some of the difficulty I've been having getting to my blog.  So in with that theory in mind here's a short missive for today.

It's been busy long weekend and it isn't over yet.  With the possibility of my brother being in the area (ok, within 3 hours of here) and long time friends under our roof, I haven't been able to skate but the fun and laughter and good food has been worth it.  With all of that I still managed to get a couple of creative things done.

I've had a plain white t-shirt hanging out on the back of my sewing machine chair for a very long time.  I've had plans and ideas for it but just hadn't gotten around to them.  For some reason, yesterday was the day.  It's not completely finished, I want to add my skate name and number on the back but thought the front was still cute enough to share.
Back in January when I was at Downtown Disney I saw the cutest shirt.  That was, until I saw the price tag.  $68!!  For a t-shirt??!  I promptly took a picture, which I can no longer find, and figured I'd make one myself.  So with only a sketchy memory & finally having figured out the easiest way to do what I wanted, here are my results.
My super secret, ridiculously easy & totally re-createable method for making this cute skull & cross bones??  Kaisercraft's Skull album!!!  I traced it on the back side of my fabric, cut it out, pinned it down and sewed around it!  A few details on this - after stitching around the left eye a couple of times I carefully cut the grey jersey out so I got a color contrast; I stitched back & forth and all around for the little nose space; the skull & cross bones are one piece, I just stitched them independently to give the look of separate pieces & the heart was stitched using silver thread for a little interest.  I'm debating adding a bow of some kind.

The other creative project is due to Jackie Smith!!  Jackie regularly takes my Coloring Class at Scrapbook Barn and had told me about a sweet little Patchwork Santa image.  I'd asked her to bring them to the next class so I could look at them and perhaps feature them.  She surprised me by sending me an envelope PACKED with beautiful stamps.  As soon as I saw the Santa she'd mentioned I HAD to start coloring!  This is one I colored on a little and then walked away from.  And came back to and colored on some more and so on.  It was just so detailed and intricate that I needed time to let the colors blend and dry and to let me decide what I wanted to do next.  I have no idea yet what the card he'll be featured on will look like but I think it's likely to be simple to let the image & coloring really stand out.
What have you been up to?  And how do you think this image should be displayed?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October update

I'll be mailing out the class samples for Scrapbook Barn in the morning.  Take a peek at them on the Class Projects tab.  I was totally inspired by a stamp set I picked up while on a trip to Atlanta.  I got to go check out the cutest little shop, The Altered Angel.  I highly recommend stopping in if you're in the area.

Looking forward to having some friends in town for a few days the end of the week.  And hope to be able to see my brother on his next trip thru AZ.  And catching up on all the little things that haven't gotten done since our California trip.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Updates - Classes, life, stuff

It's been way to long since I added anything to my poor little blog.  It's not for lack of stuff going on but more because SO MUCH has been going on.  Just doesn't seem like there's been time to catch my breath or gather my thoughts with it all.  So I hope you'll understand and forgive me.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and won't let loose.

First off, classes.  I made one of the most difficult decisions I've had to deal with in a long time in the last month or so.  I'm taking a break from teaching, at least until after the Winter CHA show.  Because I can't give it up completely - I've been teaching in some capacity for the last 10 years! - I will continue the Copic Color Inspirations classes at Scrapbook Barn.  Creating and kitting for one class is more manageable and hopefully lets some of my creative mojo to work more freely than it has been.  I'm looking forward to creating just for fun for a little bit.

Next, class samples for September's class at Scrapbook Barn.  I've got 3 of the projects completed and the 4th nearly so.  I'll be dropping them in the mail from Georgia, that's the next major thing I'll mention below, today.  Pictures will be posted to the Class Projects tab as usual with the colors used and any interesting technique information we'll be doing on them.

Lastly,  my best friend from high school was recently diagnosed with a form of Leukemia.  I'm in Georgia for a week to help her and her family out.  It's kind of thrown everyone for a loop, me included, so huddling together seems to be the best way to fend off the beasties.

And in the midst of everything, derby still takes up about 4 nights a week.  I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to have that kind of outlet.  Between being able to get my mind off of stuff or being able to go out and work out hard, and perhaps even hit a few bitches, it's been a blessing.  I participated in a Co-Ed Scrimmage Fun Day on the first and had so much fun.  Bret surprised me by showing up for my bout.  Poor kid didn't even blink an eye seeing his mom wearing a thong over her shorts.  To be fair - the bout was Granny Panties vs. Thongs.  I had so much fun!  And I'm happy to say that I mostly played better than the last scrimmage day event I participated in AND I didn't break anything!!  Major win if you ask me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Somebody's gotta win.... why not me??

If you haven't been able to get your hands onto some of the amazing Simple Stories products, I'm sorry.  It's such amazing product.  Here in AZ you can find it at Scraps of Love - tell Chris I sent you and you can find it in Payson at Paper & Metal Scrappers - again let the ladies know I sent you.  If you know of another store that has it PLEASE let me know.  I'll visit to snatch some up & let them know you told me about it.

As to the title of my post - Simple Stories has a new product line called Snap.  It's just as amazing as their original but with a fresh, bright, cleaner look and tons of versatility.  Their giving away a beautiful bunch of goodies and I'd love to be one of the winners.  :)  So check out their adorable video on Snap.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

August projects at Scrapbook Barn

One thing I've been thinking about lately is the desire to do more interesting or unique folds or shapes in class each month.  Starting in August I'm going to make sure at least one project of the four is not your typical A2 or A7 card.  To start this off, I chose to create an easel style fold up card.  The whole idea exploded in my brain right at the end of class in July.  :)  
The majority of our "coloring" on this one will come from the airbrushing techniques we'll use.  Expect to take a little time on the assembly. 

You can see a closer view of the card front on the Class Projects tab.  You'll also see the 3 other projects for August.  We've got a good mix of quick and easy coloring & card making and more involved assembly and coloring.  I hope to see you on August 21. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creating my own paper....

Recently Paper Vineyard had a sidewalk sale that I was able to poke thru before class.  I found a 6x6 Crate Paper paper pad buried in the stacks of 12x12 clearance paper.  Of course I had to scoop it up.  I had no idea what I'd use it for but with so many cute patterns I was sure I could figure something out.
Just as I was drifting off to sleep after getting it home I had an idea.  As quickly as I could - once I woke up of course - I had to try it.

While I create plenty of cards and love to do mini books, I've found a renewed interest in creating 12x12 layouts - thanks to the Sketch class I'm teaching.  I've managed to get several wedding layouts done - I mean, it's only been 10 years since we renewed our vows with a ceremony - as well as layouts about my sister's wedding, a vacation to Puerto Penasco and more.  So what was I going to do with 6x6 paper?  How about make my own 12x12??
I love to sew on paper.  So I sewed 4 sheets of the 6x6 together.  I opted to use four different patterns but imagine if I'd done 4 of the same?  The red on red polka dot with pink stitching to hold it all together??  Or that floral?  I'm starting to wish I'd found more than one of these little babies!
To make the stitching easier to do, I flipped the papers over and used a little bit of Scotch tape to hold them together.  Then some quick zig zag stitching where they all meet up.
I also added a straight border stitch.  But am thinking that a nice wavy, free motion kind of stitch in two passes would have been pretty neat too.

I'm now thinking of all kinds of ways to create my own paper using my scrap stash.  Long 12" strips in varying widths all stitched together.  Different sizes of squares and rectangles.  What about those sheets of cardstock where I've only used a portion of it?  I've got plenty of 12xsomething sheets in my stash.  I could easily find papers to add to them to create a full 12x12 again.

And because my background paper is so busy interesting, I'm not going to need a ton of embellishments or other products.  Or maybe, with a nice big photo I can load up on the embellishments.  I'll have to try it both ways!

I'd love to see your variations of this technique!  Leave a comment with a link to a blog post or photo site so I can see them.  Join the creative journey!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guitar card & class updates

Have you been to Pinterest?  If you've managed to avoid that time sucking, food filled, crafty project overloaded addiction, you're lucky!!!  I, however, am totally, completely and utterly stuck.  Kinda like Br'er Rabbit and the tar baby!  One of the projects I pinned was a really adorable guitar card.  
I knew I'd want to recreate it for Mel.  However.  When I read that not one, but both, of the ladies that had done this card previously had drawn their image free hand I knew I was in trouble.  And the more I thought about it, I wanted to do an acoustic guitar.  Here's how I solved my conundrum.  :)
I'm a PowerPoint girl.  I just have never figured out how to do stuff in Word and I like the flexibility I've got in PP.  I opened a new document and "drew" a 5x7 box on the page.  I take the fill color out to make it easier to see.   I found an image - clip art or real, either will work fine - online of an acoustic guitar I liked and copied it.  I pasted that to my power point doc and moved it around and resized it so that I got just the portion of the guitar in the 5x7 space that I wanted.  Hit print and grabbed my fussy cutting tools - a craft knife with a new blade and my glass mat.  I first cut around the guitar shape inside the blue rectangle and then cut along the blue lines at the top, bottom and on the left side.  That gave me a shape to trace onto the front of my card base.  I also used it to trace the shape onto wood paper - I KNEW I'd be able to find a cool way to use it when I bought it!  When tracing make sure you trace onto the BACK of your chosen material and flip your image or letter so that you're looking at the wrong side as you trace it.  This way you can cut it out and not have to deal with erasing any stray marks.

I then cut out each of the "shapes" inside that template - the hole, the part of the neck showing, the bridge & the pick guard - out.  I used each of those to trace onto different papers to give me texture and color and cut them out.  I inserted 6 small silver brads into the bridge and the strung silver thread from each of them up to the neck and taping the thread behind the neck.  All in all, pretty simple and straight forward but I really like how it turned out.
To get the mottled look for the pick guard I used Core'dinations paper and sanded it since I don't think I've even ever seen tortises shell look paper.

I've updated the Class Projects page.  A few photos will be added soon.  I managed to mail out samples to two stores with out taking pictures or scanning them in a flurry of marking stuff of my to do list and cleaning off me desk.  :(

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Join me for Friday night fun!!

If you're looking for something fun to do Friday night, join me up at Tailgaters anytime after 7 pm.  We're hosting a poker tourney to help raise funds to send the Tent City Terrors to upcoming tournaments.  If poker isn't your thing there'll be karaoke.  And plenty of derby silliness.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So much seems to have happened in such a short period of time!!

Since I last blogged, I've officially begun helping out with the Phoenix Derby Brats.  Talk about awesome and inspiring and humbling all at once!!  Skating with 20 somethings was tough enough but now I'm skating with teenagers and pre-teens!!  But I love it.  Those girls keep me on my toes, literally.  And I can't stop trying and working around them.  If you'd like to watch these fierce skaters put August 11 on your calendar. We'll be hosting the Las Cruces team for a rematch on our home turf.  I'll post all the details closer to the date.

I also had to order new skates unexpectedly.  I took my skates in to see about replacing a $2 part.  Or so I thought.  When I had them up on the counter I noticed that the rivets holding the plate to the heel was loose. But worse was that the boot was coming away from the heel.  Needless to say, skating on them could be dangerous.  And since that was the right skate, I'd just as soon not break the other ankle.  3 more weeks til my red with silver striped skates come in.  :)  I'm sure you'll see pics as soon as I have them in hand but until then this is a computer rendering

I've been re-evaluating my classes and working to revamp them.  So far the changes have gotten a positive response so I'm rolling them out to all of my coloring classes.  Each class will now have 4 cards or projects.  With all of the markers, embellishments and items needed to create each card in a separate "box" the boxes will be passed around among class participants.  This has allowed more of a "color at your own pace" style that gives everyone as much time as they need.  This will also allow me to work with each person as needed.  I'd love any feedback regarding these changes.

I've actually been creating layouts lately.  Something I've gotten away from the last few years unintentionally. But thankfully my new Scrapbooking with Sketches class is helping with that.  I'm delighted to have made at least 2 layouts about our renewal ceremony from 2001!  I've got some neat things in the works and planned for this concept.   I hope you'll join me for one of these classes - I'm teaching it at Paper Vineyard and now at Paper & Metal Scrappers.  Each class will send you home with not only completed layouts but also pages to create your own "sketch" book of ideas.  You can see the next set of layouts on the Class Projects tab.

And one thing I'm especially excited about is the upcoming Open House/Meet the Teachers event at Phoenix Scrap Cottage.  You'll find me there from 1-5 this Saturday.  Because the Cottage doesn't publish their address - to ensure privacy for any of the groups that reserve the retreat - please email me to get the address.  You'll be able to see my Fill in the Blanks journal project as well as meet the other teachers & see their projects for upcoming classes.  Stop by and check out the cottage and chat with all of us.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Classes have been updated & more

I was delighted to spend yesterday at Paper Vineyard creating with a group of funny and inspiring ladies.  After putting the finishing touches on my PV class projects I started working on a mini album sample for the store - wait til you see it!!!  It's brand new Authentique.  Swoon. Sigh. Adore. Here's a little peek at it:

I've updated the Class Projects tab with the latest projects.  Go check 'em out.

And add this date to your calendar - June 16 1:00 - 5:00 pm.  I'll be at Phx Scrapbook Cottage for their open house and showcasing my Fill In The Blanks album.  If you're not signed up for my newsletter, please do.  I'll send out the address for the Cottage next week.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fill In The Blanks

I'm so very, very happy to have found the perfect venue to offer this class in.  Centrally located and adorable as all get out, Phoenix Scrap Cottage will be a fabulous home to meet at monthly!

Sometimes I feel a little like Goldilocks when I'm trying to create something about me.  Smash Book is to unstructured.  Project Life is to daunting and time consuming.  December Daily Album isn't long enough.  I keep looking for the "life journaling" project that is JUST RIGHT.

Well, I've finally found it.  Creating something for me, about me, in a slightly structured framework that gives me plenty of creative options without investing a ton of time.  I can include as much or as little as I want.  
  What is it??

I call it Fill In The Blanks.  52 pages of "fill in the blanks" style journal pages for you to document both the silly & serious, mundane and out of the ordinary as well as your wishes, dreams & everyday experiences.  Places to write about the past, present and future.  All in about 20 minutes each week!!  How's that for awesome??  Not to mention totally do-able!

The concept is simple - create something about ourselves (after all, we're important too!) that doesn't take a ton of time (who's got lots of extra time??) but gives us a way to share ourselves (this is important not only for US but for those we leave our creations to).

Because this is an ongoing project, the "classes" are going to be different than we've all become accustomed to. Change is good!  I promise.  An added bonus is that you can jump in at ANY time with this project!!  Not able to come to the first group meeting?  Sign up for the second or third or twenty fifth.  It won't matter!

We'll gather together monthly.  Our first group meeting will focus on embellishing our binders and first month's pages. Each monthly gathering after will have the first 20 minutes (or so) dedicated to a small project that can be added to your journal or used elsewhere.  This will feature a new technique or product, just something to get our creativity flowing.

The rest of our group time will be spent doing two things - 
1) creating next month's pages (so all you'll need to do is "fill in the blanks" each week) 
2) sharing our previous month's filled pages.  Seeing and reading them once all those blanks have been filled in is going to be half the fun!  

You owe it not only to yourself, but to your loved ones to spend 20 minutes a week and a few short hours a month documenting YOU!

Please click on the link  to see a few of my completed pages.  I'll be adding more as I can get them photographed    Fill In The Blanks

Group meetings will be held at Phoenix Scrapbook Cottage so that they are easily assessable from all over the Valley. Please contact me to sign up or with any questions or comments - I gladly accept PayPal, cash, check and credit cards.

Bare Bones Journal - $35
This will include the soft cover binder, all printed pages and 6 various page protectors.

Bare Bones Journal & First Group Meeting - $45
You get everything in the Bare Bones kit + the project featured for the meeting + full use of all the scraps/embellishments/tools I'll bring in addition to the ones available at the Cottage

Monthly Meeting Fee - $15 - a minimum of 4 people per meeting will be required
Meetings will begin at 6 pm.  We will have use of the Cottage for 4 hours!!  Much better than a "regular" class where we only have 2 hours.  $15 isn't much for 4 hours of YOU time each month!!
The monthly meeting fee includes the featured project for that month + access to all the scraps/embellishments/tools I'll have available.  Did I tell you I used to be a scrappy sales rep??  I've got TONS of goodies to bring for us to play with.

Meetings will be the first Tuesday of each month beginning July 3.  I am willing & open to adjusting this based on the groups needs so please let me know which day is best for you!  

Pre-pay for 5 months and receive a 5% discount
BBJ & first meeting + 5 months = $128.25
Pre-pay for the year and receive a 10% discount
BBJ & first meeting + 11 months = $189

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Papertrey Ink: MIM #65 & PTPH Make An IMpression

It's been ages since I've been able to play along with any challenges.  But I was able to create a couple of cards this afternoon and did so with a couple of challenges in mind.

Here's my creation for Papertrey Ink's Make It Monday Challenge #65
We were to create a background with paper scraps.  This is actually something I do a good bit of so it was right up my alley.  What I don't do often is shabby chic a la Melissa Phillips.  That's who I was thinking of when I was making this.  Don't think I came anywhere close to her gorgeous shabby-ness but I do see things that remind me of her.  The fabric flower with multi layers, the inking, the tiny little hearts from her Tiny Tags dies and the pins.  I'll leave the sentiment off until I decide what to use it for.

This is for Papertrey Playhouse's latest challenge - Make An Impression
Mary challenged us to use a PTI Impression Plate on our card.  I chose to deboss rather than emboss my card front.  No particular reason other than it was the opposite of what everyone else was likely to do.  :)   I stayed with the Just the Ticket product line and used the ticket die and stamps as well.  And to add a little more color and tie in with the stars in the oval I Die cut Spellbinders stars to tuck around the tickets.   I may just hold onto this for Mel's birthday in a few weeks.

If you're stopping by from the MIM blog hop, consider participating in the Playhouse's challenge too.

Have a great day!!

June class samples....

I'm a little bit afraid.  I have several of June's class samples already done!!  And they're posted on the Class Projects tab!  Just scroll down to see them since all items are posted in date order.

Here are a few teasers!

And Happy Mother's Day to all of us!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Class Concept....

Some time ago I blogged about a new kind of class I wanted to do.  Something fun, creative, with a little structure but not to much and most importantly, about ME.  Very few of the pages or projects I do each month are about me.  My stories.  My perspective.  My past.  My future.  So often if I try to do something about me I feel uncomfortable and abandon the project after a few stilted tries.

I've finally found something that's working.  And I want to share it with others.  But the challenge has been getting enough participants in any one area to make it feasible.  Well, sometimes the solution to a problem comes when you're not looking.  I got an email from Bonnie at Phoenix Scrap Cottage asking about teaching there.  After thinking about it for a little while I realized this could be the PERFECT solution for this concept.

I plan on meeting up with Bonnie and working out details and a schedule.  I'll update here once that's all been taken care of.

Hopefully I've peaked your interest in this project.  Here are samples of a few of my pages if you'd like to find out a little more.  You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter to get the latest.  Just relpy here (or email me) with your email addy and I'll get you on the list.  No worries, you can opt out whenever you like.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paper Vineyard May class samples

I'm excited about the projects for May's Copic class at Paper Vineyard.  I hope you will be too.  :)

Each card features stitched detail as well as beautiful, thick paper from Authnetique.  This is my new favorite paper company.  I love the weight of the paper, the colors, the versatility of the patterns and pretty much everything about it.  Here's one of the cards we'll be creating in class.  You can see all FOUR cards on the Class Projects tab.

Beginning with May classes, all supplies and instructions will be grouped together for each card.  I will rotate the supply boxes between tables/students so that everyone can work at their own pace and create all four cards.  My markers will be available for use but will have to be shared.  Bring your markers to reduce the possibility of waiting.  Additional items needed to complete these cards include dimensional adhesive and a craft knife & glass/cutting mat.

Happy Birthday to my boy - LOTS of photos

Just want to post in one more place out on the world wide web that today is my boy's birthday.  I'm so proud of him and so happy for where he's at in life.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him thru the years.

Rocky Point 2006
Rocky Point 2007
family pic mid to late 90's
8th grade
dirty face & wearing the shirt he painted (yes, I still have this shirt) 1995/1996? 
Having to be just like dad - 1992
Zach's Birthday party - Bret was making sure he could open everything - 1992/1993
Varsity Football 2007
Family Vacation Mazatlan, Mexico 2005/2006
Photo on a project created at pre-school/day care - 1995 ish
Hands down a favorite photo from the wedding - Nov 9, 2001
the skateboarding phase 1998/1999?
Kindergarten 95-96
wrestling Sr year 2008
Dec 2004
Sr Prom April 2008
Happy Birthday!