Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cards 2 & Cards 3

Creating cards with the same images but using different techniques has been a lot of fun.  I, only recently, have been comfortable calling myself a stamper.  I started off as a scrapbooker.  I played with paper, glue and photos.  I told many people that I already had one expensive hobby, I didn't need another one.  And then someone showed me hear embossing.  And Copic markers came along.  And I'm now fully hooked on stamping and all the techniques you can use with them.  Here are the samples using just one of the images:
 This is the Cards 1 sample.  The image is straight colored and stands up beautifully as a focal point.
The Cards 2 sample has select portions of the image colored and then highlighted with embossing powder.  Same image but completely different look.
Cards 3.  This one might be my favorite.  Not only is it stamped on patterned paper which instantly makes it look totally different but it's colored and then has small touches of gold foil/leaf added to it.

I used pretty much the same colors on all three images but look at how different they look.  And the different "vibe" each of them has just based on the way it is featured on the card and the colors surrounding them.

To further highlight how versatile stamps really are, I'll be creating layouts and other non-card projects with these images.  I'd love to hear what you think of these projects so drop me a note.

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year & Happy New Cards 1,2,3 Class!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year's evening.  We were totally the oldest, boring-est people possible - Mel playing his guitar most of the night and me playing in my office; both of us in bed before midnight.  Oh the excitement.

While our last day of 2012 might not have been very exciting, I'm kind of excited about the change in my card classes.  Being able to concentrate on a select few images is helping me feel like I'm actually getting my money's worth when I purchase them.  To sum up the change in the class going forward, I'll be featuring 4 images from one single company each quarter.  Cards 1 will showcase each of these images colored with Copics. Cards 2 & Cards 3 will have the same images but will each utilize different techniques.  Quarter 1 will feature embossing powder and foil.  I'm planning on incorporating coloring when and where I can so don't leave your markers at home for those classes.

The stamps arrived just prior to Christmas so last night was the first real chance I've had to just play a little with them.  I've got the Cards 1 versions done and posted to the Class Projects tab.  I hope to get Cards 2 & Cards 3 done in the next day or two.  I've got lots of ideas, I just need the time to sit down and make them happen!

Here's a peak at one of the Cards 1 projects.
Please excuse the photo.  One of the things I want to try to do better/more in the new year is to photograph my cards rather than scan them.  This necessitates a learning curve & I hope you won't hold it against me or the projects sacrificed during that time.  :)  I'd love any tips/tricks/suggestions or ideas to help with this.