Wednesday, June 26, 2013

At long last a return to my blog.....

I haven't' checked the date for my last post but I know it's been a long time.  Life has a way of getting really crazy, busy and getting in the way of all the things I want to do sometimes.

Here are a few updates from me:
- Am no longer teaching classes anywhere.  That was a pretty hard decision to make since I've been sharing my love of all things crafty for over 11 years.
- I've started working out in the real world again.  And I have to say, I'm delighted about it for so many reasons.  I was able to, literally, propose a dream job and suggest I be the one to do it.  I can't thank Spellbinders and all of the people there enough for going along with my idea.
- Lots of things have changed this past year in my derby league.  They've revamped the training and put in place some great organization.  I'm still working hard to get on a team and have hopes to do so in the near future.
- Bret will be moving back in with Mel & I.  This is a good thing and I'm kinda excited about it.  I like that kid.  He'll be going to school full time so that's pretty cool too.

Since I'm no longer teaching I figure I'll be able to share other crafty stuff here.  One of the things I've done recently is offer to create all of the birthday cards for the office.  It just seems wrong, on so many levels, to have store bought cards from a crafting company.  I also still haunt Pinterest on pretty much a regular basis. I love trying things I've pinned and figure this is a good place to show my inspiration pin and my results.

So here goes:
Original Link
One thing I really liked abut this design, besides the fact that it's totally classic, is that you could really change out the leaf shapes on the original with nearly any other shape or design and it still works.  Really, that's one of the hallmarks of classic/good design.  Since this card was for a man, I used the Nautical Frame & Accents from Spellbinders.  This set is discontinued and kind of hard to find.  I got mine from 7KidsCollegeFund.

June was a busy month for birthdays in the office but I don't want to post all of the cards at once.  :)  So check back in a few days for more.

Until then, have a totally fabu day, support local roller derby and love is love.