About Me

Well, you can click on the link above or waste a few minutes of your life reading my version of my life history below.  It's your time, do with it what you like.
Yeah, ok so I'm married.  And I've got a kid.  Love 'em both.  But they're not the only thing I'm about.  I've never defined myself by someone else.  Mostly I'm just me.
- female 
- creative
- reader
- curious
- witty - at least I think so.  If you don't, you've likely been the recipient of  a few zingers from me or could be considered very conservative
- not conservative on most things
- quirky - ok, so the hubby says this.  I'm starting to think he may be right.  But don't tell him ok?
- a teacher & a student - love how I can be both and be happy about it
- stubborn - I know, hard to believe
- passionate - get your mind out of the gutter!  I merely mean I feel very strongly about things.  Lots of things.  Just ask me about them.  And I'll tell you. ;)
- animal lover
- daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt
- bad ass roller derby player