Class Projects

Please bring a normal class tool kit with you to each class.

March, April & May color classes will feature Impression Obsession.  IO has a wide variety of stamp styles and artists that will appeal to anyone.  In addition to their fabulous stamps, they now .have dies that match many of their images as well unique shaker pouches in different shapes & sizes.

April classes showcase Path to the Beach, Cover a Card Map, Picture Frames and Large Circle Shaker Pouches.
May will find the Springtime Birdhouse taking center stage in all of our projects.
March used Darling DahliaCover a Card Graph Paper, and Cover a Card Toile.

              Color Inspirations
                              April 6 10:30 am & April 23 5:30 pm
This one was one that INSTANTLY came to me when I decided on the "Path to the Beach" stamp.  And yes, that's real sand in there!!  One of the other things I really like about this one is that I'm highlighting a stormy kind of day on the beach.  Reminds me of a New England setting with the grey and the lighthouse.  To keep that vibe going I created my own resist background.  You'll be doing it too.  So easy and such a neat effect that's super easy to accomplish.

The paper clip means I can't quite decide what else, if anything, I want to do with this.  Thing of just a silver safety pin thru the ribbon knot.  Would love to be able to have a charm to dangle from it too; a tiny seashell, anchor or starfish would be perfect.  What do you think?
Featured Colors: C2, W1, W3 - more colors to be listed.  I managed to put them all away before I wrote them down.

This is one of two ways I'm featuring the entire image.  But this time we'll color it using colored pencils.  Don't worry, if I can do it so can you!!  It was very much like using my markers.  I put pencil down where I wanted it, just scribbling a little and once I had color everywhere I wanted it, I used a small paintbrush or aqua pen and spread it around.

And I'm just feeling like this one needs a little something else but I can't decide what it is.  I thought about buttons but they didn't seem to be right.  What do you think?
Featured Colors: colored pencils

As I mentioned, this one came immediately to mind when I was looking thru the catalog.  And while the first card felt New England, this one is all West Coast.  I really like how small changes, like the colors you use & what you highlight, can so dramatically change the way an image looks.  And the subtle pattern of that background stamp again.... perfect! And one tiny detail that made me smile, the clouds in the sky. :)

I was torn about adding "Wish you were here!" or some other sentiment to this one.  I can totally see it written on the bottom of the "polaroid" frame as if it were an actual picture you'd take while on vacation.
Featured Colors: E41, E31, E35, YR21, B93, B97, T3, T6, YG11, YG13, YG25, R17, B000, 0

The other full image card.  This one colored with Copics, including an airbrushed sky.  How different this one feels from the other just because of the shape it's been die cut with.  I really wanted some seashell die cuts to add to this but alas, my search has turned up no such item.  *sigh*

And the map again, but this time on a grid paper.  Be still my beating heart!  Again, I'm wanting some kind of finishing embellishment but am not happy with anything I've found.  Probably because I KNOW EXACTLY what I want and can't find it so nothing else will suffice.  Any suggestions?
Featured Colors: Y17, Y35, R14, W4, B45, W7, R08, E13, E19, E18, E44, E40, E21, E17, B000