Sunday, October 7, 2012

More But Less. If you know what I mean.

I've been thinking that perhaps more but smaller posts might solve some of the difficulty I've been having getting to my blog.  So in with that theory in mind here's a short missive for today.

It's been busy long weekend and it isn't over yet.  With the possibility of my brother being in the area (ok, within 3 hours of here) and long time friends under our roof, I haven't been able to skate but the fun and laughter and good food has been worth it.  With all of that I still managed to get a couple of creative things done.

I've had a plain white t-shirt hanging out on the back of my sewing machine chair for a very long time.  I've had plans and ideas for it but just hadn't gotten around to them.  For some reason, yesterday was the day.  It's not completely finished, I want to add my skate name and number on the back but thought the front was still cute enough to share.
Back in January when I was at Downtown Disney I saw the cutest shirt.  That was, until I saw the price tag.  $68!!  For a t-shirt??!  I promptly took a picture, which I can no longer find, and figured I'd make one myself.  So with only a sketchy memory & finally having figured out the easiest way to do what I wanted, here are my results.
My super secret, ridiculously easy & totally re-createable method for making this cute skull & cross bones??  Kaisercraft's Skull album!!!  I traced it on the back side of my fabric, cut it out, pinned it down and sewed around it!  A few details on this - after stitching around the left eye a couple of times I carefully cut the grey jersey out so I got a color contrast; I stitched back & forth and all around for the little nose space; the skull & cross bones are one piece, I just stitched them independently to give the look of separate pieces & the heart was stitched using silver thread for a little interest.  I'm debating adding a bow of some kind.

The other creative project is due to Jackie Smith!!  Jackie regularly takes my Coloring Class at Scrapbook Barn and had told me about a sweet little Patchwork Santa image.  I'd asked her to bring them to the next class so I could look at them and perhaps feature them.  She surprised me by sending me an envelope PACKED with beautiful stamps.  As soon as I saw the Santa she'd mentioned I HAD to start coloring!  This is one I colored on a little and then walked away from.  And came back to and colored on some more and so on.  It was just so detailed and intricate that I needed time to let the colors blend and dry and to let me decide what I wanted to do next.  I have no idea yet what the card he'll be featured on will look like but I think it's likely to be simple to let the image & coloring really stand out.
What have you been up to?  And how do you think this image should be displayed?

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  1. Love love loveeeeee your looks amazing!!! And loving Santa!!! Hope you were able to see your brother!