Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fill In The Blanks

I'm so very, very happy to have found the perfect venue to offer this class in.  Centrally located and adorable as all get out, Phoenix Scrap Cottage will be a fabulous home to meet at monthly!

Sometimes I feel a little like Goldilocks when I'm trying to create something about me.  Smash Book is to unstructured.  Project Life is to daunting and time consuming.  December Daily Album isn't long enough.  I keep looking for the "life journaling" project that is JUST RIGHT.

Well, I've finally found it.  Creating something for me, about me, in a slightly structured framework that gives me plenty of creative options without investing a ton of time.  I can include as much or as little as I want.  
  What is it??

I call it Fill In The Blanks.  52 pages of "fill in the blanks" style journal pages for you to document both the silly & serious, mundane and out of the ordinary as well as your wishes, dreams & everyday experiences.  Places to write about the past, present and future.  All in about 20 minutes each week!!  How's that for awesome??  Not to mention totally do-able!

The concept is simple - create something about ourselves (after all, we're important too!) that doesn't take a ton of time (who's got lots of extra time??) but gives us a way to share ourselves (this is important not only for US but for those we leave our creations to).

Because this is an ongoing project, the "classes" are going to be different than we've all become accustomed to. Change is good!  I promise.  An added bonus is that you can jump in at ANY time with this project!!  Not able to come to the first group meeting?  Sign up for the second or third or twenty fifth.  It won't matter!

We'll gather together monthly.  Our first group meeting will focus on embellishing our binders and first month's pages. Each monthly gathering after will have the first 20 minutes (or so) dedicated to a small project that can be added to your journal or used elsewhere.  This will feature a new technique or product, just something to get our creativity flowing.

The rest of our group time will be spent doing two things - 
1) creating next month's pages (so all you'll need to do is "fill in the blanks" each week) 
2) sharing our previous month's filled pages.  Seeing and reading them once all those blanks have been filled in is going to be half the fun!  

You owe it not only to yourself, but to your loved ones to spend 20 minutes a week and a few short hours a month documenting YOU!

Please click on the link  to see a few of my completed pages.  I'll be adding more as I can get them photographed    Fill In The Blanks

Group meetings will be held at Phoenix Scrapbook Cottage so that they are easily assessable from all over the Valley. Please contact me to sign up or with any questions or comments - I gladly accept PayPal, cash, check and credit cards.

Bare Bones Journal - $35
This will include the soft cover binder, all printed pages and 6 various page protectors.

Bare Bones Journal & First Group Meeting - $45
You get everything in the Bare Bones kit + the project featured for the meeting + full use of all the scraps/embellishments/tools I'll bring in addition to the ones available at the Cottage

Monthly Meeting Fee - $15 - a minimum of 4 people per meeting will be required
Meetings will begin at 6 pm.  We will have use of the Cottage for 4 hours!!  Much better than a "regular" class where we only have 2 hours.  $15 isn't much for 4 hours of YOU time each month!!
The monthly meeting fee includes the featured project for that month + access to all the scraps/embellishments/tools I'll have available.  Did I tell you I used to be a scrappy sales rep??  I've got TONS of goodies to bring for us to play with.

Meetings will be the first Tuesday of each month beginning July 3.  I am willing & open to adjusting this based on the groups needs so please let me know which day is best for you!  

Pre-pay for 5 months and receive a 5% discount
BBJ & first meeting + 5 months = $128.25
Pre-pay for the year and receive a 10% discount
BBJ & first meeting + 11 months = $189

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  1. You know I loveeeeeeee this album!! So excited you are doing this!!!