Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a weekend!!

No wonder I needed a nap today!  We've been busy and on the go since Thursday night.  Of course a lot of that is due to having Kaytey here.  And neither of us are used to keeping up with a 4 year old!!  Add to that it was my brilliant idea to do pancakes for dinner Thursday night.  How do I not remember that pancakes take syrup?  And that syrup has sugar, lots of sugar! in it??!  Aunt Krista had to make a pancake just for her.  :)

Friday was filled up with cooking and party prep.  Paste Eaters on Friday night was a blast.  Lots of giggling and even some creativity getting accomplished.  I won the blog comment war however.  Benefit of hosting the party perhaps.

Saturday bright and early I had class at The Occasional
Artist.  If you still haven't gone to check it out you are seriously missing out. Such an amazing little place with so much creativity packed into it.  I'll have the April Copic class samples up in the store on Tuesday.

Saturday evening was all about the fights.  UFC that is.  Mel took care of the seating set ups and I was in charge of food.  Let's just say no one could possibly have left hungry.  A nacho bar, hot dogs, chili, chips & dips galore, veggies and lots more.  I'll be snacking for the next week at least.

A drive to breakfast in the fast car Sunday morning and dropping the rug rat off.  Now that my nap is done I'll be coloring and crafting (Mel has a 2 hour gig this evening).  Look for posts with class samples for Scrapbook Barn & Occasional Artist this evening.  And perhaps samples for a Scrapbooking With.... class out at Paper Vineyard.  I'm really liking them.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed creating layouts until I started playing with these samples!

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  1. Loving her pancake!!! Had a blast hanging out with you this weekend... except that your blog sucks!! lol!!!