Friday, June 24, 2011

What's a "normal class kit"??

I thought I'd post about this since I request students bring it with them to class.  As a matter of fact, I recently created a class kit for myself.  I got really tired of packing and unpacking the things that I use at home for classes.  Seeing as how I had duplicates of nearly everything - admit it!  you do too! - I just figured it would be simpler and easier.  And boy howdy! has it ever been.

Here's a look at my "class tool kit" that I just need to transfer from bag to bag when I'm heading out to take or teach a class.
This is the second bag I've tried this in.  Feels a little more compact than the first one.  Am still considering making my own version to get the size just the way I want it.  Two major requirements: pockets and spaces to put specific items & a large open area to put my bigger items.

I've taken all of my items out and shared them below in two photos.  Each of these are items I use almost every single time I'm creating.

After using my class kit only once I can already say it's a HUGE improvement over gathering and packing each of these items every time I'm headed down the road of creativity!!

For a larger image, with clear text, click on each photo.
Ruler, trimmer, adhesives, stamp block, craft mat, inks, blender solution

small tools: scissors, craft knife, stylus', extra blades, pencil lead & eraser, glue unclogger, pencil & adhesive eraser


  1. AWESOME post!!!!!

    Danielle a.k.a. FitterTwit

  2. Awesome idea my friend!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)