Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good to know......

Wow!!  I'm back from what feels like a whirlwind trip.  I flew into Houston, drove to OKC, stayed a day and drove back.  Stayed a day and then flew home.  Except for the hail storm and very huge, hard wind gusts on the way to OKC everything was awesome.

I thought I'd pop in and share a few things I learned on the way.

- My new storage system for my Copic markers travels like a DREAM!!!  Compact (but not so light weight) and easy to carry around. 
- It's also a heck of a conversation starter!  The number of times I got asked or heard something about them is higher than I can count on both hands.  :)
- When you don't think about something you should have done, you don't get caught.  But when it suddenly comes to you in the middle of the security line, they're gonna search you every time.  *sigh*  I ALWAYS keep a mini leatherman in my purse.  That sucker has come in so handy so many times it isn't even funny.  Sure enough, I forgot all about it on my way to TX.  But on my way back home, I realized that it was still in my purse after I'd dropped off my luggage.  Guess who they searched??  $16.05 later to mail it to myself....  That doesn't bug me so much as having no choice but to press "I accept" when asked if I'd release the shipping company from responsibility if it was lost.  If it isn't their responsibility than who's is it?  They won't replace it if anything happens but I'd bloody well get my $16.05 back!!  So moral of the story - don't think about what you forgot and you won't get caught.  ;p

A few other odds & ends -
- I thought I'd have the last project for the July DIEnomite class at The Creative Quest up before I left but it didn't happen.  Look for it in another post shortly and then on the Class Projects tab.
- I've added some items to my Etsy shop. 
- I've added my 72 piece wallets for my Copic Sketch markers to the For Sale tab.  If you're not interested in the new storage system, these are very nice.  One would also make a great gift to someone just starting out on their Copic addiction, umh, I meant collection!  :)

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  1. That sucks about your leatherman... hopefully it gets back to you safe and sound :):):):):):) Glad to hear the Copic carrier was a hit! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)