Sunday, June 12, 2011

Organizing your markers......

I'm delighted by the response to my new organization for my markers from everyone in my classes Saturday June 11.  I know that some of you (Kris & Sharle!!!) are impatient (much like myself) and want to make this sooner rather than later.  For anyone else, I will gladly schedule a time after a Copic class for us to make these as a group if you order your case through the store.

I also let a few ladies know that I would post pictures of the items needed to do this.  Here it is.  I was able to get the labels for both the square dowel rod and florescent light grid in the photo.  I have enough grid left for 1 of the 2 pieces needed for a box so you may want to see about pitching in with 2 other people and reduce your cost.  :)

You'll want to count over 19 full squares and then up 19 full squares.  Mark just after that 19th square so you make sure to cut in a straight line on both sides.  I just used a hand cutting tool with no problems whatsoever.  I didn't even bother to smooth the edges either as I don't even see them let alone come in contact with them.  I used a miter box & saw to cut 4 5" pieces of the dowel and used foam squares to hold the dowels snugly into the bottom grid.  The top grid rested on foam squares I adhered to the four sides of the dowels.  Easy peasy!  Lemon squeezy!

For a few other tips and suggestions, see my original post right here.

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  1. I still love the way your storage came out!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)