Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally slowing down.......... for just a minute

Ever have one of those series of days where it just feels like you can't catch your breath?  Eating is pretty much whatever jumps into your hand as you run past and bathroom breaks are cherished for some peace & quiet???  It's been a little bit like that around here for the last week.  And I'll only have a few days to recover from it before it starts again.  But, as Mel would say, it's kind of a gold plated problem.  A good problem to have in other words.

Jennie Black has been in town for classes and a certification.  We've literally been all over the Valley sharing tips, techniques and creating cards with Copic colored images.  Though we haven't been able to do any coloring in the evenings as we'd hoped, I've picked up lots of stuff just listening to her.  I can't wait to try out some of the things I've learned. 

Hot on the heels of Jennie's visit will be CHA Winter 2011.  I'm surprisingly looking more forward to this lately.  Part of it is the chance to see friends in the industry again.  Part of it is finally being able to talk about some of the really amazing new releases that are coming out.  Part of it is seeing all the new stuff I haven't been fortunate enough to see yet.  And part of it is that I'll have a special roomie this time - Julie Tucker-Wolek.  I'm saying the chances of seeing a full moon or an old grey cat are limited - and that's a good thing!

Something else I'm pretty excited about is beginning a monthly Copic class at Scrapbook Barn in Gilbert. The first class will review some of the basics - ink & paper recommendations and decode the color names.  And we'll be working on smooth coloring to create 2 cards.  One of the things I think will be so neat about these classes is that the projects for it may be cards one month, a scrapbook layout another and something altered the next!   Here's a look at the 2 cards we'll create in February.  All the details for them are on the Class Projects tab and class info can be found on the Class & Events Calendar to the left.

I'm really excited about this one.  It features a super cool, ridiculously easy new fold I picked up from Jennie.  You'll be recreating this fold yourself after you see it!

Did you notice that this card uses the same paper as the first one?  But they look totally different!  That's thanks to airbrushing!  LOVE how this opens up so many options for me.

I'm really excited about the possibilities for this class and can't wait to get going on more projects for it!

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