Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For Sale :)

Whew!!!  Cleaning stuff out is hard.  And scary.  Kinda makes me feel like I should be on that hoarders show. Don't tell Mel I said that though!  I've finally gotten a ton of stuff listed, most new in package, on the For Sale tab.  I'll be posting more as I continue to sort & clean out the extra bedroom.

All of January's classes are posted on the Class Projects tab.  And if you take a peek at the calendar on the left side of the blog you'll see 2 kick off parties for a new class series.  The first is on February 3 at Scrapbook Barn and the other is February 10 at The Ocassional Artist.  I'm so very excited about this project and hope that others will be too.  The series will be focused on doing something creative for ourselves, about ourselves each week and joining together once a month to share our efforts.  I'll be bringing munchies and drinks and samples of the project.  Join me to look it over, ask questions and just enjoy yourself.

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  1. Went to The Occasional Artist on Saturday for their grand re-opening... and saw Dina...and saw your cards up on the wall... I said to Brian.. those are Krista's.. and he asked how I knew... I said... I know... LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):)