Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You can't make this shit up!! long but funny

Not even with my overactive imagination could I have POSSIBLY dreamed his up.

Close your eyes and imagine if you will.....
Never mind, if you close your eyes you won't be able to read. 
Just picture this in your head......

Mel has worked like demon over the last week tearing down the pool table (I'm sure I'll NEVER see it put back together the same way again), repainting, pulling up carpet and generally getting ready to have tile done by the next door neighbor.  So the couch and my chaise are upended in the band room, the TV and Mel's La Z Boy are in the family room and it's kinda chaotic all around.  Don't forget the dog pen we've been using to confine Davis reconfigured as a gate between the living room and family room.  
this is the floor after the last two nights - can't wait to see it all finished!

Me being me, has to make dinner for everyone since they're working their tails off after a full day of work already.  Monday night was Chicken Penne Buca style - big hit - I've put the recipe on the blog before if you're interested in making it for yourself.  Last night was Machaca Koenig style.  The SMELL all day long was maddening!  Thankfully I was out a good bit of the afternoon with an appointment for Tricia and then taking her to a couple of places to fill out applications.  (Note: one of the best things about driving a convertible - you can get a tan while you're taking care of business!)  

Once we got back home it was nothing but dishes, laundry and other housework drudgery.  Got to make sure the house is clean before the tilers get here right??!  In my office not getting a bloody thing accomplished.  Tilers yell that UPS just dropped off a package.  I go get it knowing I've got stuff on the way.  Grab the first box and as soon as I saw that it was Copic I start chanting "oh my God! oh my God!"  Trying to open it with my nails with out much luck.  Mel hands me a pair of scissors while calling me a dork.  I start pulling out the packing material letting it fall wherever it falls.  Screamed, yes, I actually screamed with delight when I saw one of the 72 piece wallets in the box.  Those things can't be had for love or money right now and won't be available until June likely.  Then the boxes and boxes and boxes of markers!!!

By this time it's time for my Skype date with my mom & brother.  This was going to be the first time we'd tried this since I got them cameras for Christmas.  From my end, I was able to see and hear them both just fine.  But there were multiple issues on the other two ends.  No video of me, intermittent audio from me and just not good.  I was just happy to see and hear them and even if we only had audio I thought it was pretty cool.  Though the bulk of the conversation seemed to consist of "can you hear me?" and "she's circling the drain".  With no video showing from my end I was able to sort markers, put my red tape around them and just generally enjoy myself and wonder about the mental fitness of my family members.

Dinner was a smashing success.  Machaca all around except for Tricia who elected to eat Spagetteo's. 

Cleaning up, the neighbor took a plate over to her son since he wasn't able to join us.  Treats for the dogs so I can sneak Davis' medicine to her.  Damn dog.  Ate the first treat I gave her.  And then spit out the pill pocket with the pills.  Grabbing at her.  Pablo is faster.  He grabbed up the pill pocket with her medicine.  Grabbed him.  Tried to get him to spit it out.  Not fast enough.
Pablo on a better day

On the phone with the emergency vet.  Gotta call the Animal poison control.  $65 fee in case your interested.  Telling me to force him to drink hydrogen peroxide.  How the hell do you force a Chihuahua to do anything??!  And Pablo particularly??  How are we going to get liquid down his throat??  Enter the turkey/chicken injector.  Minus the needle thankfully.  Me holding Pablo, Mel trying to force his mouth open and the injector in and plunging.  Most of it on me, the counter and all over the dog.  It's really a wonder that he didn't drowned!

The neighbor comes back with her son to thank me for feeding him.  Can't talk, I'm trying to drowned the dog or make him puke.  Per the poison control since he's not vomiting walk, er drag, him for 15 minutes.  Call Animal Poison control back to find out what's the next step.  Just watch him.  Ok.  Put him on the bed with some towels in the hopes he'll yakk.  Success at last.  Times 2 as Mel said.  *sigh* Good. Have I said I don't do puke??  At all??  Even if it's a kid?  And definitly not with the animals.  I have a VERY strong gag reflex.

Need to keep watching him.  So I brought all my markers to bed with my swatch book and hand color chart and began filling in blank rectangles.  Ahhhhh.  Happiness.  So there you go.  A day in the life.

I'm almost afraid to see what will happen today.

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