Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sometimes, out of the blue.............

something happens that touches you deeply that you didn't expect.  Today was like that.  Mel & I decided to go to Chili's for lunch.  Nothing majorly odd or special about that.  Sat in our booth.  Had some conversation both serious and silly.  Still pretty well within the normal range.

And then the 3 of them walked in.  

He had a bright pink reusable shopping bag with something very square in it.  With Christmas just passed, I figured it was a final holiday gift.  I was curious what the little girl was getting and if she'd like it.  He started to slide the bag down.  I expected to see bright paper and maybe some ribbons.

It was dark.  
A wooden box.  
And I heard him tell her he'd made it.  It had taken him two weeks. 

ahaaaa.  A jewelery box for his granddaughter.

But it wasn't.
it was so much more

He lovingly pulled items out to show her.  Explaining about each one to her.
 A bronze shoe.  A small bible.  Several other mementos.
And photos.
Photos of the original owners of these small treasures that were priceless but had no real value.
He told her about each item.  About the person, many obviously this little girl had never, would never meet, that had contributed them to this treasure box.  And their connection to her.

She listened attentively. 
And lovingly helped him return each item to it's place in the treasure box.

I feel so very privileged to have witnessed the sharing of someone's history with them.  To hear what I could, and have Mel tell me what he saw and heard since he was facing them.  To know that Mel was as affected by the experience as I was.

And I choose to believe the small smile I exchanged with this grandfather as we left was an acknowledgment of how special and precious the moment was.  


  1. wowwwww....that is special...tfs! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. thank you for sharing, that was special

  3. OMG FREAK!!! It's not nice to make your friends cry!!! (pssst... that WAS very special. Thanx for sharing!)