Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A New & Exciting Adventure....

My mama always said (yes, you MUST read that in your best Forrest Gump voice) that when a door closes, a window opens.  As I've lived longer (I may be admitting my age now but I'm not going to say I've grown up or that I've gotten older) I find this to be more and more true.  You just never know when one chapter ends what will happen in the next.

Deciding to stop teaching crafting classes was really hard.  I'd been doing it for so long.  And it was so much a part of "me".  The me I knew, the me that I showed to the world and the me that made up my life.  Letting go of that was hard.  But also kind of freeing.  Now, I had all kinds of new choices to make.  New possibilities to consider.  New ways of creating and sharing to think about.

At RollerCon ( a week long roller derby convention for those of you not into derby) my window didn't just open, it slammed up and announced itself.  I met with Em Dash, co-founder of derbylife, and over really bad loud music and the clanging of slot machines, agreed to become an editor for the site.  

Since getting into crafting some of my other, former interests had fallen by the wayside.  They were still there, they just didn't get much attention or weren't often used.  But to now be able to write.  To talk to people and get their story.  To be able to share that with other people.  I'd forgotten that "writing" voice I used to have.  I'm working at getting back in touch with that part of me.  Percolating ideas and opening sentences.  Thinking about how I want to approach a topic or subject.  Being able to combine a creative outlet with my now, 2 year love affair with roller derby.  The possibilities are wide open.  And I'm so excited to start charging down this less traveled path.

My blog will continue to have my crafty pursuits showcased.  I'll never be able to stop that.  It's as essential as breathing and skating to me.  I'll also try to tell the occasional interesting, humorous or at least funny story about my life and the characters that are in it.  But you'll also be seeing questions and topics I'd like feedback about.  If it pertains to you, please respond.  If it doesn't, I hope it's at least interesting and you learn about something you didn't know about before.  And no matter what, I hope you'll read those things I write for derbylife because they'll be personal.  I don't know how else to approach things.

And for those of you that have listened to my stories, listened to me vent and complain and cry because I wasn't making the progress I wanted to - I PASSED MY ASSESSMENTS LAST NIGHT!!! That means I can start scrimmaging and hitting and PLAYING derby.  It also means I'm 6 weeks closer than I was to getting onto a team.  I'll be expecting all of you to come watch me once I'm on that team and actually bouting in public.


  1. THAT ROCKS!!! What a fun adventure for sure. You are so talented at so many things and this editor position is going to be a PERFECT fit to showcase ALL OF IT!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  2. This is awesome!!!! Congrats on the editing gig and passing the assessments for derby!!! You rock!!!

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