Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So much seems to have happened in such a short period of time!!

Since I last blogged, I've officially begun helping out with the Phoenix Derby Brats.  Talk about awesome and inspiring and humbling all at once!!  Skating with 20 somethings was tough enough but now I'm skating with teenagers and pre-teens!!  But I love it.  Those girls keep me on my toes, literally.  And I can't stop trying and working around them.  If you'd like to watch these fierce skaters put August 11 on your calendar. We'll be hosting the Las Cruces team for a rematch on our home turf.  I'll post all the details closer to the date.

I also had to order new skates unexpectedly.  I took my skates in to see about replacing a $2 part.  Or so I thought.  When I had them up on the counter I noticed that the rivets holding the plate to the heel was loose. But worse was that the boot was coming away from the heel.  Needless to say, skating on them could be dangerous.  And since that was the right skate, I'd just as soon not break the other ankle.  3 more weeks til my red with silver striped skates come in.  :)  I'm sure you'll see pics as soon as I have them in hand but until then this is a computer rendering

I've been re-evaluating my classes and working to revamp them.  So far the changes have gotten a positive response so I'm rolling them out to all of my coloring classes.  Each class will now have 4 cards or projects.  With all of the markers, embellishments and items needed to create each card in a separate "box" the boxes will be passed around among class participants.  This has allowed more of a "color at your own pace" style that gives everyone as much time as they need.  This will also allow me to work with each person as needed.  I'd love any feedback regarding these changes.

I've actually been creating layouts lately.  Something I've gotten away from the last few years unintentionally. But thankfully my new Scrapbooking with Sketches class is helping with that.  I'm delighted to have made at least 2 layouts about our renewal ceremony from 2001!  I've got some neat things in the works and planned for this concept.   I hope you'll join me for one of these classes - I'm teaching it at Paper Vineyard and now at Paper & Metal Scrappers.  Each class will send you home with not only completed layouts but also pages to create your own "sketch" book of ideas.  You can see the next set of layouts on the Class Projects tab.

And one thing I'm especially excited about is the upcoming Open House/Meet the Teachers event at Phoenix Scrap Cottage.  You'll find me there from 1-5 this Saturday.  Because the Cottage doesn't publish their address - to ensure privacy for any of the groups that reserve the retreat - please email me to get the address.  You'll be able to see my Fill in the Blanks journal project as well as meet the other teachers & see their projects for upcoming classes.  Stop by and check out the cottage and chat with all of us.

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  1. Can't wait to see those skates ... and loving that you are working with the Brats!!!