Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Third, or fourth, times the charm??

Hoping that this will work this time. If not you may just get bored to death by my detailed descriptions of them. Getting frustrated with the whole bloody process. This was supposed to be fun and entertaining, not another thing to piss me off. Sorry about the wacky advertising on the slide show, I had fun & funny info on each picture that you can't see because of it.

Got home this afternoon. Nice to be back here. Loved the weather and loved visiting. But I REALLY love my very own bed! Mel & I were tossing & turning on the very small queen sized regular bed in our room. In fact I nearly fell out a couple of times. My poor back! May have to see about finally using my massage gift certificate from Christmas.

Some of my highlights from the trip:
- I really loved all the different live music that was everywhere.
- riding the cable car. Only rode one and for just a short distance but it was so cool. I made sure to stand on the back platform & hung off the side with only one hand to get the photo in the slide show. I'd ride those things ALL THE TIME if I lived there.
- Harris' - was recommended to me by the cable car operator on my first trip. San Fran has all kinds of food but isn't much of a meat & potatoes kinda place. Since Mel & I treated ourselves to a high dollar steak I was glad to go somewhere with a local's recommendation.
- the sourdough factory. OMG! Heaven! So wanted to bring some home but no room in the suitcase.
- the redwoods - we didn't even get to see the real giant sequoia's but what we did see was just amazing. Seeing major events in human history noted in the corresponding area on the rings of a fallen tree & how far from when the tree sprouted was really mind blowing
- had a great time on the bus tour - many thanks to Patricia & our wonderful driver, Joe - for a great day. Mel even enjoyed it when he hopped on.
- visiting with the Moore family. Was so nice to see them. Had a blast with the wine tastings - gotta find a way to do that some more! My 2 faves - Mutt Lynch & Armida I'll be ordering from both of these places.
- loved not having any set plans and just going with the flow. Got to wander around (and around) on Monday. Managed to navigate with my Droid and maps to a specific store and then back to the hotel with no help.

We'll be going back for sure. Can't wait til we do as I already know several things I want to make sure to see or do!

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  1. I have missed ya!! LOVE the photos!! Sorry blog is making u stressed!! I will try and help next time I see you! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)