Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dog day afternoon & a few musings.......

The long weekend's over & it's back to work for all of us.  *sigh*  I hope the weekend was enjoyable for everyone.
I have to say my favorite thing we did this weekend was to take Harley & Davis to Rio Vista Park yesterday - what were we thinking to do it at 12:30 in the afternoon??! though?

Mel was very reluctant.  But within a short period of time both dogs were walking with pretty much loose leashes and having a great time.  Surprising to both of us was when not only Harley, but Davis too, jumped into the water!  We'd stopped in some shade near an edge for them to get a drink and next thing you know Harley's was standing in the pond!  He was even trying to lay down.  Mel kept grabbing me afraid Harley was going to pull me in with him as he tried to go deeper.  I'd been wanting to get Davis over to the water spout area figuring she'd love it the way she goes cuckoo for the hose at home.  Not sure if it was all the kiddos or just being dog tired by that time but she couldn't have cared less.  I think Mel was surprised by the number of people and kids that wanted to pet them or asked about them.  I'm not.  Their such big, sweet goofballs.  And the trip home was pretty funny.  Both dogs in the back seat but with their heads between the front seats to get as much of the AC as possible.  Harley on top and Davis on the bottom. Luckily it was all green lights and we made it home in just about 3 minutes. And then we pulled them both into the pool.  Clothes on us, leashes on them and all.  Davis finally got to where she'd go onto the first step by herself but Harley wanted nothing to do with us once he got out.  Wish I had pics but it would have been tough working the camera and keeping up with those two.  I'm really hoping we'll be able to do that more often.  It was hot and tiring but good for all of us.

The other item of note this weekend is that Bret was asked to move out.  As difficult as it was for both of us, there were issues with house rules being adhered to.  When Bret moved back into the house in April we all agreed to some basic house rules.  If they weren't adhered to we agreed that Bret wouldn't be able to live here.  And the time came.  Didn't make it any easier.  I've ridden the world's biggest emotional roller coaster in the last few days. 

And frankly, I'm ready to get off.  Parenthood just never seems to get any easier.  And I'd never have guessed that it was as easy as it would ever be when he was little.  Things were simpler then - clean diaper, something to eat, stay comfortable and play a lot. 

In the midst of all of the self questioning and doubt and fear and everything else, I got to wondering about the blog.  Life isn't all sunshine and roses.  It ain't always pretty.  While I started this little adventure to help increase my profile online for business purposes and for when/if I start to submit or try out for design teams, I'm not sure that I can or want to ignore the real life, non crafty stuff that impacts me.  Perhaps this is the beginning of trying to find my "blog voice."  Send good vibes and positive energy our way.  We can use it for awhile.

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  1. *sigh* I'm sorry to hear that about bret... big {{hugs}} to you and mel my friend... I know this has NOT been easy for you....i'm glad the 4 legged babies had fun today!! loveeeeeeeeeee that photo of them... how did you get so lucky with that shot?? lol...i tried a million times...and i always get them in a blur! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)