Monday, March 28, 2011

The other million things........

Just wanted to share a few of the other things that have been going on in life lately and keeping me out of blog land.

- My mom sent me an ecraft.  I'm tickled pink about it but haven't had much time to try to figure it out.  Tried looking for a group to join but none of them really caught me eye.  If you know of a group or good resource for it please send it my way! 

- I'm trying to get all the last few loose ends and bits & pieces tied up for the 2011 Stamp, Paper, Scissors store event.  Big plans.  Just hope I've got time to pull them off.  The event has a Facebook page that will be updated regularly.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the logo Marianne Walker drew for me.

 - Had a blast at my last 2 Copic classes and the first ever DIE-no-mite! class.  Working on the next set of samples and will post them once they're done.

- Mel & I spent an evening last week taking care of some small, nagging things in my office.  And WOW! what a difference they've made!  Turned the desk so it is horizontal in my room rather than catty cornered.  Who would have ever guessed how much more room that would make??!!  I'm wheeling a little further to a few things but now I can walk around the entire desk!  We hid the big printer behind some of the doors, put the ecraft in it's place and he finally moved the extension cord plug to a better spot under my desk.  No more getting poked by it or the cords coming out of it when I slide into the knee hole.  Still looking for a convenient spot to put all my Copics though.

- Just joined a monthly Mixed Media Art Group.  So excited about this.  It's headed by the amazing & inspiring Dina Wakley over at The Creative Quest.  Can't wait for my first "meeting"!!  This will truly be an opportunity for me to just play and go as far outside the box as I want!

- Have several other classes in mind or in various stages of completion.  Need to get them finished so they can be crossed off my to do list.  Look for them soon.

- I'll be participating in my first ever Blog Hop next month.  Can't wait!

- Our 17 1/2 yr niece moved in with us a few weeks ago.  So far it's been smoother than I would have expected but I'm still waiting for that other shoe to hit me on the head!  We're back to full time parenting and taxi driving.  And just found out that I need to create her graduation announcements.  Immediately!  Have a design worked out, need to get all the supplies in hand ASAP.  And did I mention that Prom's in a few weeks??

-  Seriously considering HTC after talking to a friend.  Need to do some research on it.  Anyone out there have any experience with it?

- Mel just took down the pool table.  We're getting ready to tile the front room to match the entry way, kitchen, family room and hallway.  Cross your fingers and wish me luck in finding the same tile again.

- I've finally freed Davis from her pen.  She's still a little gimpy but most definitely on the mend.  We'll be heading back to the surgeon & dermatologists soon for follow ups.  Send good vibes for a clean bill of health for her from both of them.

I just re-read all of that.  NO WONDER I'm so bloody tired all of a sudden!  But I'm grateful to be able to say that nearly all of the stuff that's been keeping me busy is positive stuff.  And if it's been stressful or drama- laden - well, we've just been working thru it and not letting it drag us down.  What else can you do?/ 

Have a totally wonderful day!

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  1. gee... I wonder why your tired!! LOL!! I have a HTC phn... and I think it has to do with carrier you choose too... mine! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)