Monday, October 11, 2010

What a weekend!

Wow!!  Great weekend.  Lots of chillin' like a villain.  Some of my very favorite moments:

- Winning the football pool.  As the only female in the pool I feel like I've got to represent.  And boy howdy! did I represent this week.  Woo Hoo! The winnings just about cover the participation cost for both of us to this point.  How's that for cool?  No more listening to Mel complain about how much it's costing him.  :)

 - Saw Jack Johnson Sun evening.  So cool.  Love the laid back, chill vibe I get from him.  I'll be downloading his new album To The Sea soon.  And I got to go with one of my favorite people.  That made me happy too.  Good time, good conversation and a good memory.

I'm not a big fan of tiny, blurry, dark cell phone photos but between needing blog fodder and wanting to have something besides the tickets to scrap, well, I couldn't resist.

- Finalizing plans to participate in a craft fair next month.  There will be 4 - 5 of us sharing booth space so it should be fun.  I've got the details on the Events schedule.

- So happy to have signed up to represent 2 new companies.  I CAN'T WAIT to start showing off these products and see them in stores.  You'll love them!

- Played with my Copics Saturday evening.  Check out one of the images that will be featured in my Copic class on Saturday on the Class Projects tab.  I'll be grabbing the remaining bits & pieces to complete the cards tomorrow.  And trying really, really hard to get the images and cards done for Novembers class sooner than the week OF class!

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  1. Sooooooooooooo jealous you saw Jack Johnson!!! And bloggy about those crop girls too! *love them* :):):):):):):):):):):):):)