Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's the first day........

Well.  I did it.  I finally quit dragging my feet and heming and hawing and decided to blog.  Who know's how long it'll last but I'm sure it'll be interesting as long as I do it.

HUGE big thanks and shout out to my good friend JULIE for getting me set up.  There's still some tweaking and fluffing I want to do on here but I figured I'd better start actually posting.

Seems like I have about 20 different things on my mind - not unusual - but trying to figure out which one to rant, er TALK about today is the challenge.  I think I'm going to start off with simple gratitude though.

I'm awfully lucky.  I don't want to ever take that for granted.  I live with and am married to my best friend.  The kid is working hard to get on and stay on the right path.I love my house which is most definitely a home.  You can tell by the slobber marks and dog hair on the furniture and the clutter that seems to accumulate in certain spots.  I have a great relation ship with my mom.  Neither of us would ever have thought that was even remotely possible when I was 17.  And I've been blessed with wonderful people that came into my life and stayed there.  For no other reason than that they love me.  These people are the family that I've chosen and it just doesn't get any better than them.  I'm also fortunate to work, very hard, at a low paying job that I love dearly.  Somehow when you work 60 hours a week at a job you love it doesn't feel like work.  But even 20 hours at one you're miserable at feels like an eternity.

I could ramble on a little bit more but I think I'll end it here.  Welcome to my ramblings.  Hope you are amused or that I give you something to think about from time to time.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Congrats!
    Your new blog space looks great

  2. YOU ROCK!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy for posting! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)