Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Never fear.....

Never fear that my silence the last day or so means I've already given up on this whole blog experiment.  Just means I've been busy.  Not doing anything of major note.  But I'm not so interested in boring anyone, least of all myself, with totally boring, pointless posts.  Still trying to figure out what my "blog voice" will be.  I suppose it'll reveal itself in time.

Meanwhile, I figure I'd share the story that finally made me decide to blog.

A month or so ago Bret bought a hermit crab to donate to a hospital or other kind of childrens group.  $30  got him a weird little plastic cage with a plastic top.  It has a handle on top, lots of dirty, mossy stuff in the bottom and one of my good small tupperware containers for water.  Or maybe it's a swimming pool for the thing; I don't know.

Several weeks after he's brought it home it's 2 am, I'm in bed playing with my phone and Bret comes home.  A few minutes after he enters his bedroom, he comes into the hallway, hands on hips and says "Have you seen my hermit crab?"   He says the cage is in perfect shape.  Not tipped over or disturbed in any way.  That means Delila's safe from being blamed.   The next thing that goes thru my mind is Harley & Davis and the crab is history!  He asks if he should look for it.  Why not? A good seek & find at 2 am is always fun.  Next thing you know, I hear a girly shriek.  Yes, it really was girly and I'm not exaggerating or embellishing for dramatic effect.  Cautiously I called from my bed to see if everything was ok.  "He tried to bite me!"  Then he comes striding out muttering "I'll show you who has bigger claws" and I see him going back into his room with a set of my good cooking tongs.  Very shortly thereafter the hermit crab has been returned to his plastic home.  And we figure out how he escaped.  Somehow this crab climbed up the wall of his cage, along the top and out the escape hatch that we never noticed.  Just trying to imagine the drop from the top of the cage onto the desk and then the fall from the desk top to the floor.  I can't say I blame the crab for being pissed off and wanting to bite or pinch someone.  Since I'd just seen Good Luck Chuck I figured that should be his name - because he was most certainly lucky to have not attracted Davis' attention!  And all I could do, was laugh until I nearly peed myself.  And I just knew I had to share this story.  Hope it brought a smile to you too.


  1. LOL LOL LOL!!! OMG girl......... I STILL loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this story!!! LOVE IT!!! And I am still working on the email button for ya... I promise... been trying to get it right! LOL!! loving what you have added though! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)