Monday, December 14, 2015

Jumping in again....

I knew that blogging would be a challenge for me but I never expected all of the things that would happen to distract me from blogging on a regular basis.  Just a few of the things that have kept me busy since I last blogged (8/13):

- I made a team (10/13) and now bout regularly.  If you haven't come out to see it, you really should.  I'm on the Brawlaz but am working my tail off to be put on a state level team.
- our nephew now lives with us.  Mel's mom passed away (11/13) and he was the last rugrat she had guardianship over.
- Bret has started the fire academy.  And since finished it and gone again to refresh before taking the various tests.
- Bret also tested extremely well for the Phoenix Fire Dept and got into the first and second round of interviews with them.
- He also moved out and has an apartment in Tempe with a friend.  A bittersweet event for sure.  But mom and dad hooked him up with all the kitchen gear they'd need.
- I've changed departments and jobs at work and am a million times happier.  And was let go (8/15) which makes me sad.
- we have a 4th dog (1/14).  Though he's so damn small he's more of a rat or a cat but he def has big dog attitude.
- we lost Harley (3/15) and Pablo (8/15) and are down to 2 dogs and a turtle.
- I got surprised with an adorable new car (8/13).  Her name is Rosy and I really dig her.
- And my mom has visited (9/14)and returned to Texas.  And has moved here permanently as of 6/15
- I broke my right ankle (3/15) and had to have surgery.  This one has a plate and 11 pins.  Since the doc put my first (and logo) tat back together perfectly I'm not not giving him a hard time about the missing 12th screw so that it would have matched my left side.

And now I'm looking forward to another big adventure.  Since I'm no longer gainfully employed, and am having a challenging time finding a new position, I want to combine my love for creating with helping people, which I also love to do.  A seed was planted by a friend of mine for a business opportunity and I'm hoping to explore it.  As well as devote some time and energy to my Etsy site.

So I hope you'll follow along, send ideas/suggestions/comments/funny jokes.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for posting again!!!!!!! xoxoxox :) Glad you liked your card too!!!! Had NO Zip Dry ... the driver not here and all that ;) ... so I had to use another glue and I was SO AFRAID all my crafty peeps would judge the crappy glue job! LOL!!!!