Tuesday, October 4, 2011

50% OFF!!!

If you're looking for my Paper Vineyard Design Team post, please scroll down.
But maybe read about the great deal you can get and help out me and my derby sisters first.  :)

Yep.  You saw that correctly.  
Who doesn't love to get something fabulous for HALF price??  
And support a fabulous group at the same time?!!

Get 50% off the AZ State Fair when you buy your tickets online and support Arizona Roller Derby at the same time!!! Just enter "azderby11" at check out.  This deal is available thru Oct 13. If you're buying tickets after the 13th, you won't get the half off but you will still be helping out AZ Roller Derby.

And hey, I made it easy by giving you a live link!!  PLEASE, PLEASE re-post this to your blogs, pages, twitter or anywhere else to get the word out.  And ask your friends to spread the word as well.  You'll have my undying love & devotion and maybe even a signed derby photo if I ever get one.  :D

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  1. As you know.. today is Brookie's bday... so we doing dinner/bday shopping after work... but I will add to FB tonight :):):):):) And my bloggy tomorrow - Very cool deal... I am hoping to make it to the fair this year... we haven't been forever! :):):):):):):):):):)