Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PTI Make It Monday #20

I woke up this morning with an idea.  And rather than putting it off I decided to go with it.  It's been a very long time since I've been able to participate in one of the Papertrey Ink or Papertrey Playhouse challenges so I'm extra glad I went with my creativity.

Nichole showcased a 2 step masking technique on the latest MIM video.  I figure that if 2 steps are good then more steps is better right??!

I started with a 3 1/2 x 4 1/4 piece of manilla folder - I'm really enjoying using these lately!  I die cut the Mat Stack 3 die from printer paper, stamped it with one of the Mat Stack 3 images and die cut the circle from the die cut.  I layered the negative over the file folder and used the positive piece to get proper placement for the circle.  A quick airbrush with G94 for the base shape.  Leave the circle in place, lay the positive die cut back down to stamp the background polka dots from Polka Dots Basics.  Remove the circle to stamp the dandelion flower & stem from Botanical Silhouettes.  Replace the circle and trace around it with a 0.05 Copic Multiliner, lay the die down over the airbrushed shape and trace it as well.  Stamp one of the box shapes from Mat Stack 3, add a sentiment from Flower Fusion 2 and some dark brown twine.

Enjoy!!  And I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

What's a "normal class kit"??

I thought I'd post about this since I request students bring it with them to class.  As a matter of fact, I recently created a class kit for myself.  I got really tired of packing and unpacking the things that I use at home for classes.  Seeing as how I had duplicates of nearly everything - admit it!  you do too! - I just figured it would be simpler and easier.  And boy howdy! has it ever been.

Here's a look at my "class tool kit" that I just need to transfer from bag to bag when I'm heading out to take or teach a class.
This is the second bag I've tried this in.  Feels a little more compact than the first one.  Am still considering making my own version to get the size just the way I want it.  Two major requirements: pockets and spaces to put specific items & a large open area to put my bigger items.

I've taken all of my items out and shared them below in two photos.  Each of these are items I use almost every single time I'm creating.

After using my class kit only once I can already say it's a HUGE improvement over gathering and packing each of these items every time I'm headed down the road of creativity!!

For a larger image, with clear text, click on each photo.
Ruler, trimmer, adhesives, stamp block, craft mat, inks, blender solution

small tools: scissors, craft knife, stylus', extra blades, pencil lead & eraser, glue unclogger, pencil & adhesive eraser

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good to know......

Wow!!  I'm back from what feels like a whirlwind trip.  I flew into Houston, drove to OKC, stayed a day and drove back.  Stayed a day and then flew home.  Except for the hail storm and very huge, hard wind gusts on the way to OKC everything was awesome.

I thought I'd pop in and share a few things I learned on the way.

- My new storage system for my Copic markers travels like a DREAM!!!  Compact (but not so light weight) and easy to carry around. 
- It's also a heck of a conversation starter!  The number of times I got asked or heard something about them is higher than I can count on both hands.  :)
- When you don't think about something you should have done, you don't get caught.  But when it suddenly comes to you in the middle of the security line, they're gonna search you every time.  *sigh*  I ALWAYS keep a mini leatherman in my purse.  That sucker has come in so handy so many times it isn't even funny.  Sure enough, I forgot all about it on my way to TX.  But on my way back home, I realized that it was still in my purse after I'd dropped off my luggage.  Guess who they searched??  $16.05 later to mail it to myself....  That doesn't bug me so much as having no choice but to press "I accept" when asked if I'd release the shipping company from responsibility if it was lost.  If it isn't their responsibility than who's is it?  They won't replace it if anything happens but I'd bloody well get my $16.05 back!!  So moral of the story - don't think about what you forgot and you won't get caught.  ;p

A few other odds & ends -
- I thought I'd have the last project for the July DIEnomite class at The Creative Quest up before I left but it didn't happen.  Look for it in another post shortly and then on the Class Projects tab.
- I've added some items to my Etsy shop. 
- I've added my 72 piece wallets for my Copic Sketch markers to the For Sale tab.  If you're not interested in the new storage system, these are very nice.  One would also make a great gift to someone just starting out on their Copic addiction, umh, I meant collection!  :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

July Copic Club at The Creative Quest

Two months in a row.  I'm hopeful but am leery of saying it's always going to be this way.  But it is the way I want them to be so I keep trying.  What am I blathering about??  My class samples are up in the store for the July Copic class at The Creative Quest.  You'll be seeing this stamp again in class for sure.  Thank you to Jan for finding it for me.  :)

I was delighted to actually find an image online that had one of these flowers and a butterfly.  I've printed it out & will have it in class for reference.

You can find all of the colors (lots of them this time) that I used in this image and the 2nd project for this class on the Class Projects tab.

Hope to see you in July!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Organizing your markers......

I'm delighted by the response to my new organization for my markers from everyone in my classes Saturday June 11.  I know that some of you (Kris & Sharle!!!) are impatient (much like myself) and want to make this sooner rather than later.  For anyone else, I will gladly schedule a time after a Copic class for us to make these as a group if you order your case through the store.

I also let a few ladies know that I would post pictures of the items needed to do this.  Here it is.  I was able to get the labels for both the square dowel rod and florescent light grid in the photo.  I have enough grid left for 1 of the 2 pieces needed for a box so you may want to see about pitching in with 2 other people and reduce your cost.  :)

You'll want to count over 19 full squares and then up 19 full squares.  Mark just after that 19th square so you make sure to cut in a straight line on both sides.  I just used a hand cutting tool with no problems whatsoever.  I didn't even bother to smooth the edges either as I don't even see them let alone come in contact with them.  I used a miter box & saw to cut 4 5" pieces of the dowel and used foam squares to hold the dowels snugly into the bottom grid.  The top grid rested on foam squares I adhered to the four sides of the dowels.  Easy peasy!  Lemon squeezy!

For a few other tips and suggestions, see my original post right here.